Our dog daycare provides all the engagement, exercise, and socialization to keep your furry best friend happy & healthy.

  • Rolling acres, surrounded by canine friends and lots of toys.
  • Napping on a fluffy bed in a climate-controlled room.
  • Lots of human attention.

This is just some of the fun awaiting your pet at Animal House Pet Resort dog daycare! 

Pets love coming to our daycare.

  • Fenced in outdoor area (coming soon) - with on site manager for top notch security
  • Fun canine play areas with plenty of activities and toys
  • Dogs are grouped by temperament, size so play time will be fun & comfortable for all guests 

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is a great answer to your pet’s cravings for mental engagement, physical exercise, and canine company. At Animal House Pet Resort, we help put an end to lonely dog days, chewed shoes, and all-day barking marathons. Here are some of the benefits dog daycare has to offer:

  • Socialization satisfies your pup’s pack instincts and helps develop confidence
  • Exercise at dog daycare helps prevent lethargy and promotes healthy joints, muscles, and weight
  • A busy mind is a happy mind. We’ll keep your dog mentally stimulated with fun experiences and toys
  • Our dog daycare is a fully-supervised and safe environment for your dog to enjoy exercise, entertainment, and socialization